Factors to consider before involving volunteers

Things your organisation needs to consider before involving volunteers:

  • Do we have adequate assigned workspace for the volunteer?
  • Have we assigned a supervisor for the volunteer?
  • Do we need to provide any orientation or training for our staff before they work with volunteers?
  • Do we have a clear idea of the qualifications we will be looking for in a prospective volunteer?
  • Do we know what training the volunteer will need to do the job the way we want it done?
  • Do we have a firm description of the goals and objectives of the work to be done?
  • Do we have an induction plan for the volunteer?

Factors to consider when planning a volunteer position:

  • The volunteer role must be meaningful and significant.
  • The tasks must be well defined.
  • The 'Purpose' of the volunteers work must be identified.
  • The volunteer ought to be able to feel some 'ownership' and 'responsibility' for the role.
  • Volunteers must feel that they have some input into and control over the tasks they are asked to do.
  • The tasks must fit a part-time situation. Either the tasks must be small enough in scope to be productively approached in a few hours a week, or else it must be designed to be shared among a group of volunteers.