Notice to all Organisations wishing to recruit volunteers:

Before proceeding to register your orgaisation and or vacancy, please do read the article below outlining Kerry Volunteer Centre's Service Commitment to and expectations of your organisation. Do note that there are two steps to registering a new vacancy with the Kerry Volunteer Centre:

  1. Register your organisation: This is a one time registration process. On approval you will recieve an 'Organisation Key' which you will need to register your opportunities. If you have never registered your organisation with us before, please Click Here on receiving your registration we will call you to verify information provided and to advise you further of the supports and services available to you.
  2. Register your Vacancy: If you have registered your organisation and have your 'Organisation Key' and wish to register a vacancy, Click Here on receiving your registration we will assess it and where necessary call you to clarify specific details. Only approved and well defined opportunities are advertised and recruited for.
Kerry Volunteer Centre's Service commitment to and expectation of Voluntary Organisations

KVC commits that Organisations registered with it can expect to

  • Access services in person, over the phone or virtually to enable, promote and support volunteering.
  • Be provided with information on KVC expectations of and commitment to organisations.
  • Meet with a member of staff to get information and advice on any aspect of volunteering.
  • Attend volunteer management training on an annual basis.
  • Advertise activities on the KVC website, where appropriate.
  • Avail of a garda vetting service to vet volunteers, where access to vetting isn't already available.
  • Have queries dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
  • Register their approved volunteer vacancies.
  • Have volunteers recruited to fill their volunteer vacancies and have interested volunteers referred to fill their vacancies.
  • Access online resources.
  • Have request for one to one training session delivered upon, where practical and resources allow.
  • Submit policy documents for review, comment and suggested changes.
  • Input into the development and evaluation of services.
  • Confidentiality and dependability.
  • Access a complaints mechanism by which to lodge complaints.

KVC expects that Organisations registered with KVC Services

  • Recognise that volunteers make a unique contribution and are a valuable resource that deserves to be respected, appreciated and managed properly.
  • Are committed to recruiting and involving volunteers based on their suitability and not their gender, family status, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, race or membership of the traveller community.
  • Develop volunteer roles that enable the volunteer to have a supported, positive and meaningful experience.
  • Advise KVC of their volunteer vacancies and support needs as soon as they arise.
  • Define their volunteer vacancies clearly, listing the tasks to be completed and the skills, people qualities and qualifications necessary to fulfill the vacancy.
  • Have a member(s) of the organisation assigned to each vacancy to meet, advise, screen, select, manage, support and supervise volunteers.
  • Respond to volunteer referrals within a 3 day timeframe.
  • Liaise with KVC regarding the Volunteer's suitability and involvement.
  • Advise KVC when and if they have problems contacting volunteers.
  • Provide adequate insurance cover, a safe and healthy environment for volunteers to volunteer in.
  • Communicate clearly to volunteers their expectations of them.
  • Enquire as to the volunteer's needs and expectations of the organisation.
  • Abide by all their legislative requirements, such as the keeping of volunteers personal data in line with Data Protection legislation.
  • Attend volunteer management training.