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Volunteering, think of it as an opportunity to do what you love

WNVW 2016 invitation page 001HEN most of us think about volunteering it’s normally to do something for others and give something back. Few of us consider the possibility of really gaining from it ourselves. Thinking differently about Volunteering is the theme of National Volunteering Week 2016 in Kerry, May 16th to 22nd, and Kerry Volunteer Centre is encouraging you to "Consider Volunteering”.

Each day during National Volunteering Week 2016 the Volunteer Centre is sharing the volunteering stories of five people in Kerry who for very different and very personal reasons considered volunteering, choose to get involved and who have benefited from doing so.

“The stories being told by Kerry Volunteer Centre during National Volunteering Week are being told to give heart to people in Kerry, specifically those experiencing unemployment, and to encourage them to genuinely Consider Volunteering on the pathway to employment and personal well-being” accordingly to Geraldine Sheehan, Manager of Kerry Volunteer Centre.