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Consider Volunteering, think of it as an opportunity to do what you love!

Mary Murphy min min 2Mary Murphyshares her volunteering story as part of our National Volunteering Week 2016 #NVW2016 Consider Volunteering Campaign

WHEN most of us consider volunteering it’s normally to do something for others and give something back. Few of us consider the possibility of really gaining from it ourselves. The theme of National Volunteering Week 2016, May 16-22,  is ‘Think Differently About Volunteering” and that is just what Mary Murphy did when she considered volunteering and chose to get involved.

Having worked as a journalist for over a decade Mary, from Killarney, was made redundant back in 2011 and started the long process of changing careers away from a job that she loved to do to something with better job prospects.

“For me volunteering means that I didn’t have to completely give up on a job I loved, even though I’m not a journalist anymore I can still write and I can still make a difference. It really is the best of both worlds,” Mary recommended.

#WhyIVolunteer:Dorcas' Story

As part of National Volunteering Week 2019 Kerry Volunteer Centre will share with you the faces and stories of eight local Volunteers. Each story is unique and reflects the wide variety of reasons as to why people are choosing to volunteer in Kerry. We very much appreciate the openness and generosity by which each of the Volunteers shared their personal story and experiences.  Dorcas' storys is the first we shall share with you! 

#WhyIVolunteer:Jude's Story

At Kerry Volunteer Centre we often get asked ‘Can I volunteer if I am under 18?’ While some opportunities will be restricted to you as a minor, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways for you to get involved, Jude's story testifies to this! 

Jude is 15 years old and is currently studying for his Junior Cert and started volunteering at the age of 12. He is actively volunteering with the support of the Volunteer Centre's Placemnet Team ( Linda, Terry and Siobhan) and regrets not starting younger. ‘I had a misconception that you can only volunteer from maybe 16 or 18, however, I’ve realise now there are so many youth-based volunteering opportunities.’ Jude first started volunteering with Adapt Charity shop, he enjoyed this experience as he was exposed to stock taking, working on the tills, team work, meeting new people and built upon his communication skills, which in turn, enhanced his own confidence.

#WhyIVolunteer:Seán's Story

Volunteering can positively change peoples' lives, at a very early age this fact was understood by Seán who shares his story as part of Kerry Volunteer Centre's National Volunteering Week #WhyIVolunteer initiative. Seán grew up in Mayo where his mother owned a small grocery shop which became the centre and heart of the local community. Sean recalled her as his inspiration for volunteering ‘my mother set a positive example, that giving back within your community, by giving your time, does so much to help those in need and contributes to the common good.’

15 Ways to Thank Your Volunteers

Thank you HeaderVolunteers offer their time for all kinds of reasons, they come from all walks of life and are all ages.It is important for organisations to acknowledge the contribution and difference that volunteers make in order to keep them motivated and feel appreciated.

Consider Volunteering Campaign Launched for #NVW2016

KerryVolunteer In advance of the annual kick-off of National Volunteering Week, #NVW2016, in Kerry on Monday Kerry Volunteer Centre in conjunction with Moira Murell, Chief Executive Officer of Kerry County Council have launched the Consider Volunteering Campaign to support people in Kerry who are experiencing unemployment to think differently about volunteering on the pathway to employment.

Speaking at the launch of the Consider Volunteering Campaign Moira Murrell, Chief Executive of Kerry County Council said the Council was delighted to support National Volunteering week and that the Council acknowledges the immense contribution of volunteers to the social fabric of the county.

‘The Consider Volunteering Campaign speaks directly to unemployed people in Kerry, it highlights the significant personal benefits that they can gain from volunteering locally and tackles the real and perceived barriers to volunteering that exists’ explained the Volunteer Centre Manager, Geraldine Sheehan. In a time where local job opportunities are scarce Volunteering can be an ideal way for many to keep their skill sets sharp, retain and build self-confidence, keep active, sustain emotional wellbeing, whilst making a valuable contribution to the community.

Consider Volunteering! Give it a lash, the craic is mighty

Fionnan min 2Fionnán Fitzgerald shares his volunteering story as part of our National Volunteering Week 2016 #NVW2016 Consider Volunteering Campaign.

SIGNING up to sacrifice hours of your precious free time for the greater good is unlikely to get most people queuing up to volunteer, but what most potential volunteers don’t realise is just how much fun it can be. For Fionnán Fitzgerald it’s the craic and camaraderie that are key to a good volunteering experience.

A secondary school teacher , Fionnán first got involved in volunteering when a Community Alert scheme was set up in Ballymacelligott after an attack on the local Parish Priest. Overcome with a desire to do something about it, he signed up as Secretary and hasn’t looked back since- taking the lead in an innovative and hugely successful text alert system that is the envy of groups around Ireland.

“Being involved with something from the beginning gives a source or pride, and you learn as you go along and once you’ve got a supportive group behind you who understand you, you will stick at it.”

National Volunteering Week 2015

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National Volunteering Week (NVW), the one week of the year when we encourage everyone to give volunteering a try is taking place on May 11th - 17th.

National Volunteering Week The Perfect Time to Mind and Value Our Volunteers!

NVW BannerVolunteering is an intrinsic part of Irish life. National Volunteering Week provides an annual platform to thank Volunteers, invest in their wellbeing, share their stories and recognise the impact they have on organisations and communities across Kerry. As such, Kerry Volunteer Centre is hosting a fabulous series of free events on National Volunteering week from the 13th – 19thMay at its Tralee offices. These include:


New Volunteer Management Training Program for Kerry

Why Volunteers quit
It is important that volunteers have positive volunteering experiences and that volunteer involving organisations are supported to provide such positive local volunteering experiences. As such we are delighted to let you know that as part the schedule of events for National Volunteering Week 2017, Kerry Volunteer Centre has today launched an innovative Volunteer Management Training Program for Kerry to provide a local and free training platform for charities, community groups, volunteer involving organisations and volunteers to become skilled in Volunteer Management.

Planting the seed of integration

SPRING has officially sprung, and we’ve an hour more to play with in the evenings so what better time to step into the great outdoors and start volunteering.Here in Tralee we’re lucky to have one of the most progressive public community gardening projects in the country and it’s open for business- so to speak. Saturday March 26th marked the start of public participation in Tralee Community Garden for 2016.

Volunteering, think of it as an opportunity to do what you love

WNVW 2016 invitation page 001HEN most of us think about volunteering it’s normally to do something for others and give something back. Few of us consider the possibility of really gaining from it ourselves. Thinking differently about Volunteering is the theme of National Volunteering Week 2016 in Kerry, May 16th to 22nd, and Kerry Volunteer Centre is encouraging you to "Consider Volunteering”.

Each day during National Volunteering Week 2016 the Volunteer Centre is sharing the volunteering stories of five people in Kerry who for very different and very personal reasons considered volunteering, choose to get involved and who have benefited from doing so.

“The stories being told by Kerry Volunteer Centre during National Volunteering Week are being told to give heart to people in Kerry, specifically those experiencing unemployment, and to encourage them to genuinely Consider Volunteering on the pathway to employment and personal well-being” accordingly to Geraldine Sheehan, Manager of Kerry Volunteer Centre.