Sample Exit Interview Template

Sample Exit Interview Template

Name of Volunteer:___________________              Volunteer role:____________________
Supervisor's name:___________________               Dates of Volunteer Service:______________
Name of Exit Interviewer:______________            Date: _____________

1) What is the primary reason you are leaving (please tick)?

  • Travel/moving out of area Type of volunteer work
  • Personal reasons Quality of Supervision
  • Self Employment Working conditions
  • Career Opportunities Compensation and benefits
  • Health reasons Lack of Recognition
  • Other, please specify

2) What did you enjoy most about volunteering with us?

3) What did you like least about volunteering with us?

4) Did you feel adequately prepared for your role?

5) Do you feel the support and supervision you received was adequate?

6) Did any of our organisation's policies or procedures support or hinder your volunteering?

7) What suggestions would you make to improve our volunteer programme?

8) Would you recommend our organisation to others?

9) Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your volunteer experience?