Time to avail of extra help!

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Running a charity, sporting or voluntary group is challenging. professionalsAt Kerry Volunteer Centre we understand that the tasks associated with managing risk, budgeting for the year head, strategically panning for future sustainability, coordinating volunteers, generating local awareness of your activities and resolving legal conundrums can be very stressful and difficult. Especially, when the group cannot afford the expert and skilled professional help that you need.

Kerry Volunteer Centre wishes to encourage groups grappling with such challenges and difficulties to contact us, we want to help, we are in a position to do so and what's more there's lots of skilled and able Volunteers registered with us looking for to help groups just like yours.

Charities Registration Hub to be established in Kerry

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The Charities Regulator has partnered with Kerry Volunteer Centre to establish a Kerry based Charities Registration Hub within Kerry Volunteer Centre to support local organisations to register with the Charities Regulator. The establishment of the Kerry based hub is a key part of the engagement process to ensure full compliance with the Charities Act.

Even an hour can be life changing

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LISTOWEL native Áine Murphy recently started volunteering with the help of the Kerry Volunteer Centre. Her experience is proof of just how life-enhancing volunteering can be, even if you only have an hour to spare.

New Good Governance Awards Launched

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Kerry Volunteer Centre is delighted to share with you news of its involvement with the Carmichael Centre's Good Governance Awards. This new initiative recognises and encourages adherence to good governance practice by Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations in Ireland.

Volunteer to put your skills to good use

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You can put your skiils and expertise to good use locally by chosing to Volunteer with a community and voluntray group in Kerry and get immediate on the job satisfaction, appreciation and respect in return.  The skills that you have to share are worth their weight in gold and are valued by volunteer involving organisations throughout Kerry.

Valuing the community spirit of Kerry's Volunteers

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In Kerry Volunteer Centre we know of many many Volunteers across Kerry that are making their neighbourhoods safer and healthier. It is important that we value the community spirit as epitomised by hundreds of volunteer involved with Community Alert, Civil Defence, Inshore Rescue, Mountain Rescue or First Responder schemes. There are a raft of new and long established volunteer led groups stretching from Barraduff to Ballybunion, Tralee to Kenmare that are deserving of a acknowledgment, recognition and appreciation

Volunteering at University Hospital Kerry #NVW2016

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All week we have been encouraging you to Consider Volunteering,  today the final day of National Volunteering Week 2016 we wished to share with you an insight into how Volunteers are making a real difference in the every day life and living in Kerry


IT’S a small team that’s working well and making a big difference, that’s the message this week from University Hospital Kerry Volunteer Co-ordinator Nollaig Barry.The volunteer programme at the hospital was initiated in 2012 to support the Care of the Elderly facility which was later transferred to the Tralee Community Nursing Home in Killerisk. Since then it has grown into an integral part of life in the hospital.

“At the initial stage we looked at taking on just two or three ‘Befrienders’ to support patients. Once we saw the success of that we looked at other ways volunteers could help and that is how our ‘Meet and Greet’ initiative came about ,” Nollaig explained.