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  • Kerry Volunteer Centre
  • Kerry Volunteer Centre
  • Kerry Volunteer Centre
  • Kerry Volunteer Centre
  • Binary options market profile - 7 binary options

    In County Kerry.
  • Enabling, supporting and valuing volunteering

    In County Kerry.

Binary options market profile - 7 binary options

Kerry Volunteer Centre is passionate about Volunteering in Kerry. Our aim is to make Volunteering in Kerry an inclusive, positive, recommendable and supported experience. We fully understand the need for high quality support services that are relevant, beneficial and locally accessible. Kerry Volunteer Centre works strategically and proactively to ensure that the needs of Kerry's Volunteers, Community and Voluntary Groups are met. We love working for the betterment of Volunteering.

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Meet the Kerry Volunteer Center team.

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

  • Geraldine Sheehan
  • linda1
  • carmel1
  • rsz mary murphy min 2
  • geraldined1

Contact us.

  • Meet us
    Monday/Friday                                                                                                                              9.30am-1pm, 2pm-5.30pm
    7 Maine Street
    Tralee                                                                                                                                            Co Kerry
  • Call us.

  • tel: 066 7117966
    fax: 066 7194639
  • Email us.

Recent Tweets.